Answers to your questions about what is a fair Section 32 settlement.   


158 pages of questions and answers as what to look for in a §32 settlement and what is fair and reasonable.

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About This Book

In order to settle a work related injury claim in the State of New York, injured workers had to wait until the Workers Compensation Law was amended on September 9, 1996 with the addition of Section 32-a to the Law.
Although tens of thousands of these settlements, commonly noted as "§32", have been approved, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board has yet to offer any formal guidelines to assist injured workers in understanding their options and the ramifications — financially, medically, and personally — of accepting or rejecting a §32 agreement offered by the insurance company responsible for their workers compensation claim.
Former New York State Workers Compensation Commissioner Michael T. Berns (1996-2008) was on the Board when these agreements first started to appear and had not only approved more §32 agreements than any of his colleagues but also worked with both claimant and carrier representatives to draft a standardized agreement.
This book, written for the benefit of injured workers, explains the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a §32 agreement as well as explaining details what the injured worker should look for, including determining what is a ‘fair’ settlement in terms of dollars and future medial expenses.

Some of the questions answered in this comprehensive book include:

•    What is a fair offer for an injured worker to settle their worker's compensation claim?  $100 or $20,000 or $150,000 or $1 Million?
•    Will their private health insurance or Medicare pay for future medical expenses?
•    Do they need an attorney? And, if so, what is a fair fee?
•    What will happen if they decide to reject the settlement?
•    What happens to medical bills still unpaid after the settlement?
•    Can the injured worker or the insurance company be forced to settle?
•    Can the employer interfere with or stop the settlement? Can anyone else?

With injured worker settlements ranging from a claimant returning $47,000 to the insurance company to the injured worker receiving in excess of $9,000,000 and some with no money being exchanged, unbiased answers to these and many other questions are hard to find for injured workers seeking to close out their claims with a settlement.

This book has been written to answer those quesiotns and many more which the injured worker and their family may not know to ask.

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